Classification of Diabetes – Self audit toolkit

Classification of Diabetes (CoD) self audit toolkit

We provide downloads for search sets (queries using the MIQUEST interpreter) that you can run in-practice following our comprehensive extraction guides and basic analysis through the analysis spreadsheets. We are continuously developing search sets (both on Read 2 – 5Byte and CTv3 coding systems) and guides for the following systems and flavours: EMIS (LV and PCS), INPS Vision, iSoft Premier/Synergy, Advanced Crosscare and TPP Systm One.
 The Classification of Diabetes project was commissioned and supported by NHS Diabetes and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dowload – CoD self audit toolkit

Self audit toolkit for EMIS Web (set, guide) – Compressed ZIP file (v1) (Download)
Standalone extraction guide for EMIS Web – PDF file (v1) (Download)

Note: We have designed a heuristic evaluation worksheet to identify the strengths and weaknesses for the classification of diabetes self audit toolkit. Please click here to view it.

Other downloads:

  • Audit form in electronic format – Spreadsheet (v11) (Download)
  • Audit toolkit overview flowchart – PDF (Download)
  • NHS Diabetes CoD Summary Factsheet 34 – PDF (Download)
  • NHS Diabetes & RCGP CoD Final Report – PDF (Download)

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