RCGP RSC COVID-19 Observatory Definitions

RCGP RSC COVID-19 Observatory - Case Definitions

Below we provide additional details on the definition of suspected, probable and confirmed COVID-19 cases, as shown on the COVID-19 Observatory.


A person with COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory test, irrespective of clinical signs and symptoms.


  1. A suspected case for whom testing for the COVID-19 virus is inconclusive, in the absence of codes excluding COVID-19 as a diagnosis.


  1. A suspected case for whom testing could not be performed for any reason. These can include cases confirmed based on clinical diagnostic criteria, using blood tests or imaging to support the diagnosis.


The suspected category relates to testing for SARS-CoV-2. A GP or healthcare professional can enter a suspected COVID-19 code based on clinical suspicion of a case – this is based on either epidemiological factors (i.e. contact with a confirmed case) or presence of clinical factors (e.g. symptoms and signs) suggestive of COVID-19.