Evaluation of Pathfinders Project: Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT): Long Term Conditions (LTC) and Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)


The overall aim of the IAPT LTC/MUS Pathfinder Project is to improve access to psychological therapies for these client groups. Fifteen Pathfinder Pilots were been tasked with identifying:

  • Potential optimal stepped care pathway
  • Core therapy competencies, staff experience and training required
  • Potential improvement in economic factors and health utilisation across primary and secondary care
  • Potential clinical effectiveness

The Clinical Informatics Research Group successfully bid for the tender to conduct the evaluation project. The project team consulted the 15 pathfinder sites on the evaluation plan, and obtained all appropriate approvals for this evaluation.

The evaluation project consisted of:

  1. Qualitative analysis
  • Overview of service – service models
  • Care pathway analysis
  • Workforce analysis – competence and training provisions
  • Patient Experience Survey

Quantitative analysis

  • Descriptive statistics on referral, equity in referral and their outcomes
  • Validate IAPT data against routinely collected data in primary and secondary healthcare in two sites
  • Economic analysis