RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre (RSC)

The RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre’s (RSC) extensive network of spotter practices currently extracts data from over >500 practices throughout England. The aim of the surveillance scheme is to provide a timely picture of consultations by diagnosis with sentinel GPs in England. Prof. Simon de Lusignan is the Medical Director of the RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre.

The incidence data provides the College, Public Health England (PHE) and the Department of Health with early warning of changes in the incidence of common illnesses presenting to general practice surgeries, particularly important for illnesses such as influenza like-illness and incidence rates for acute illnesses, as detailed in the RCGP’s weekly Communicable and Respiratory Disease Report for England.

The map below outlines the location of each of the RSC practices. It is visible that they are broadly distributed across England, with a higher concentration of practices in London, and a slightly lower number in the southwest and east of England.

All RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre (RSC) practices are part of the Public Health England (PHE) surveillance system.  Your data are used for anticipated and unanticipated surveillance. Any practice in our network welcome to become involved in RCGP RSC virology surveillance system. Our best known activity is surveillance for influenza, which provides Public Health England (PHE) valuable information about any impending flu epidemic, and about the coverage and effectiveness of UK vaccination programmes. New members to the network and existing virology practices can follow our virology networks surveillance activity by following the third link below or click here RCGP RSC virology practices dashboard.

Weekly return report for communicable and respiratory diseases

Most recent weekly report can be downloaded in the web page below

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RCGP RSC Network Intelligence Observatory

RCGP RSC practice members have access to personalised dashboard, which shows an aggregated version of their data by week and compared with the rest of the network.

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RCGP RSC Virology Weekly Return

RCGP RSC virology practices sampling and detection of influenza and other monitored viruses.

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RCGP RSC Serology Weekly Return

RCGP RSC serology practices sampling and detection of influenza and other monitored viruses.

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