RSV ComNet

If you are interested in joining the study, or would like further information, please contact Elizabeth Button at

Study Timeline

  • RSV ComNet II January 2021-September 2021
  • RSV ComNet III (part 1) October 2021-July 2022
  • RSV ComNet III (part 2) November 2022-ongoing

Study Rationale

  • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the leading cause of acute lower respiratory infections in children. Almost all children get it.
  • Most cases are mild but some end up with serious complications. Hospitalisation rates are higher in younger children.
  • Accurate estimates of the burden of RSV in primary care are necessary to assess the overall impact of RSV on society.
  • This knowledge is critical for policymakers to make informed decisions regarding the introduction of new RSV interventions.
  • Comparative RSV ComNet studies are also being conducted in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France and Belgium.

Study Aim

  • The aim of RSV ComNet is to measure the clinical and socio-economic disease burden of RSV in young children (aged <5 years) in primary care.

Practice pre-requisites

  • Be part of the Oxford-RCGP RSC network
  • Sign up to virology swabbing surveillance
  • Be willing to swab eligible <5 year olds
  • Be able to obtain parental/guardian informed consent
  • Be able to complete 2 short telephone questionnaires using an online survey
  • Be in touch with your local Clinical Research Network (CRN)

Study Details