Research conducted in the Section of Clinical Medicine and Ageing aims to respond to a wide range of health policy questions by looking at personal, professional and organisational development in primary and secondary health care.

The main areas of our research focus on health care management, clinical informatics and health economics. More specifically, research has been conducted in the areas of first-line management, the clinician-patient relationship, primary care data and quality indicators, competition in health care and diffusion of new health technologies.

Our main research interests and groupings are:

  • Health Outcomes: including Clinical Informatics and Quality Improvements
  • Primary Care: focus on disease surveillance, vaccine research and primary care epidemiology (and informatics)
  • Real-World Evidence Centre
  • Primary Care Clinical Academic Group (CAG)
  • MOCHA: Models of Child Health Appraised – A Study in Primary Healthcare in 30 European countries
  • FLUCOP: Standardisation and development of assays for assessment of influenza vaccine correlates of protection
  • ADVANCE: Accelerated Development of Vaccine benefit-risk  Collaboration in Europe  

We are proud to support a growing number of PhD students who research in the areas of our expertise, looking both at the NHS and health care systems across the world.

To discuss the suitability of a PhD proposal, before applying, please review our research interests and then contact Melissa Pickering,, Research Administrator for the Section or Postgraduate admissions enquiries