WISh Ontology Lab

Lab excercise 1: Creating a diabetes ontology

  • Create the upper-level ontology classes for your diabetes ontology
    • Diagnosis
    • History and investigations
    • Outcome measures
    • Process of care
    • Risk factors
    • Symptoms
    • Therapy
  • Add a maximum of three sub classes to each upper level classes
  • Add meta-data to the diabetes ontology

Paper with diabetes ontological concepts

Save your ontology: File ->Save “diabetes-ontology.owl”


Lab excercise 2: Annotating the ontology with clinical codes

  • Create two annotations
    • hasSNOMEDCode
    • hasICD10Code
  • Find similar concepts in SNOMED and ICD and annotate classes in your ontology

SNOMED Browser

ICD-10 Browser

Lab excercise 3: Publishing the ontology


Lab exercise 4: SPARQL Queries