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Introduction: Fighting pandemics requires an established infrastructure for pandemic preparedness, with existing, sustainable platforms ready to be activated. This includes platforms for disease surveillance, virus circulation, and vaccine performance monitoring based on Real-World data, to complement clinical trial evidence. Areas covered: Because of its complexity, this can best be done by combining efforts between public and private sectors, developing a multi-stakeholder approach. Public-Private-Partnerships increasingly play a critical role in combating infectious diseases but are still looked at with hesitancy. The Development of Robust and Innovative Vaccine Effectiveness (DRIVE) project, which established a platform for measuring brand-specific influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe, exemplifies how to build a collaborative platform with transparent governance, state-of-the-art methodology, and a large network of participating sites. Lessons learned from DRIVE have been cardinal to set up COVIDRIVE, a platform for brand-specific COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness monitoring. Expert opinion: The DRIVE partners propose that a debate on the benefits of Public-Private-Partnership-generated real-world evidence for vaccine effectiveness monitoring should be pursued to clarify roles and responsibilities, set up expectations, and decide the future environment for vaccine monitoring in Europe. In parallel, the driving factors behind PPP hesitancy should be studied.

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Expert Review of Vaccines

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