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Single-channel video is an established method for assessing the clinical consultation; however, it has limitations. While previous research has concluded that three-channel video recording of clinical consultations offers advantages, using professional equipment made costs prohibitive. In this study we set out to establish whether the benefits of three-channel video could be achieved using low-budget consumer-level equipment. Using a kit assembled for around €1000, we produced three-channel video recordings of simulated consultations. We then showed single- and three-channel versions of the videos to a panel of health professionals and recorded their opinions regarding the quality of the material and the level of information presented. We found that our budget three-channel set-up provided the same advantages as professional three-channel video, while the cost and complexity of the process was minimal. It is now affordable as well as feasible to use a budget set-up three-channel video system for training clinicians and assessing the impact of the computer on the consultation. © 2007 PHCSG, British Computer Society.


Journal article


Informatics in Primary Care

Publication Date





25 - 31